Madrilenian Seminar on Software Research

Call for Participation

The MadSESE research seminar aims to gather researchers and practitioners from Madrid and neighboring regions to meet and to share their interest in the field of software research. The goal is to set up a network of interest on these topics in the future.

If you intend to publish in venues and journals such as TSE, JEMSE, ICSE, FSE, ICSME, ESEM, SANER or MSR, you are more than welcome to participate!

Prospective research groups active in the field are invited to join the network and to exchange research ideas and results on software engineering.

Attendance to MadSESE seminars is free, although sometimes registration is required, as we may have lunch together.


MadSESE is planned to be periodically:

First MadSESE at IMDEA Software Institute (June 2016)

Second MadSESE at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (March 2017)

SATToSE 2017 (June 2017)

Third MadSESE at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (October 2017)

Fourth MadSESE at Universidad Alcalá de Henares (May 2018)

Fifth MadSESE at Manuel Becerra (June 2019)

Organization & Sponsor

With the support of Bitergia

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Organizing Team

Alessandra Gorla

IMDEA Software Institute

Natalia Juristo

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Gregorio Robles

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Daniel Rodríguez

Universidad de Alcalá de Henares