May 2018|

Fourth Madrilenian Seminar on Software Research

Universidad Alcalá de Henares, Spain. May 9th 2018

Call for Participation

The Fourth MadSESE research seminar aims to gather researchers and practitioners from Madrid and neighboring regions to meet and to share their interest in the field of software research. If you intend to publish in venues and journals such as TSE, JEMSE, ICSE, FSE, ICSME, ESEM, SANER or MSR, you are more than welcome to participate!

Anyone active in the field are invited to submit an abstract (max. one A4 page) of a talk (to be sent before April 27th to and Based on these extended abstracts, the organization will construct an exciting program. The length of the talks will depend on the number of submissions.

Attendance to MadSESE seminars is free.

Invited Speaker

For the Fourth MadSESE, we are delighted to have the following renowned keynote speaker:

Israel Herraiz is Senior Data Scientist at BBVA Data & Analytics in Madrid, Spain

Israel Herraiz works as Senior Data Scientist in BBVA Data & Analytics. Israel has a PhD in Computer Science from the Rey Juan Carlos University (2008), and has been a visiting researcher at universities in Europe, Canada and the United States. Before working at BBVA, he was a assistant professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he carried out research applying data science to the study of software development and the phenomenon of free software. More recently, he has worked in the area of transport engineering, studying patterns in road traffic and has been. In addition, he has served as Data Scientist for Amadeus for more than 3 years, applying the same methods to the analysis of data from the travel industry (agencies, airlines, among others).

Israel photo

Tentative Programme

11:00 Keynote
Israel Herraiz (BBVA Data & Analytics)

"Notebooks are not enough: what data science can learn from software engineering"

12:00 Morning Session

"Research at the GISSI-UNED research team"
David Fernández Amorós and Rubén Heradio Gil (UNED)

"Checking application behaviours against descriptions at scale"
Daniel Domínguez (IMDEA Software)

"Software Change Management as a Service: a Self-Adaptive Approach"
Vahid Etemadi (Shiraz Univ. of Technology)

"On the effects of training in test case design"
Enrique Garcia-Cortes (UAH) and Luis Fernandez (UAH)

"RepliComment: Identifying Clones in Code Comments"
Alessandra Gorla (IMDEA Software)

"Was my contribution fairly reviewed?" A framework and an empirical study of fairness in Modern Code Reviews"
Gregorio Robles (URJC)

14:00 Lunch (optional)


The event will be hosted at the Escuela Politénica of the Universidad Alcalá de Henares, in particular, in following room: Sala de Grados.

Directions for getting to the Escuela Politécnica of the UAH. See below a map with the location.

Organization & Sponsor

With the support of Bitergia

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Organizing Team

Juan Garbajosa

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Alessandra Gorla

IMDEA Software Institute

Gregorio Robles

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Daniel Rodríguez

Universidad de Alcalá de Henares